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Merlin - The Future is in Your Hands

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What qualities are required to become an agent of change within an organization? What are the challenges of corporations in the Digital Age? How should the leaders of the future be and behave?

To find the answers, Merlin – The Future is in Your Hands offers readers a trip. It begins in José Mejía’s childhood Venezuela and culminates in the Redwood Forest, California, where he currently resides.

From the stories that left their mark on him and the people who prepared him to face the challenges of life, in each chapter the author gives a moment of learning, an evocation or a memory of those who obtained useful tools for his professional and personal life, and transmits them addressing young entrepreneurs willing to overcome the rigid and agile structures of some companies that, in the not-so-distant future, they themselves will integrate.

The permanence of the family; the search for the Common Ground; the relationship with the client; karma; the yoga moment; the emotional black holes; the essential characteristics of the leaders of change; the perseverance; the importance of understanding what nature is telling us with the Coronavirus. These themes and many others are integrated into a rich set of experiences and stories crossed by the story of the author, who from very early on knew there was a destiny in education outside his home country.

This book brings together a clear intention: that every leader of change aspires to become Merlin – that wise counselor in the Arthurian sagas – without ever losing sight of their King Arthur. Merlin was a teacher and a guide. He wasn’t hoping to get credit for molding a king. He was there to help that future king become the best king he could be. Change-leaders need to embody the spirit of Merlin, helping others to achieve what they did not think was possible, and overcome obstacles. José A. Mejía’s stories of life show how others were Merlin to him and how he embraced the opportunities to be Merlin to others.

Merlin - The Future is in Your Hands

A book by José A. Mejía

About José A. Mejía

José A. Mejía was born into a family of rural workers in Valera, Venezuela. He went to a school attended by young people from wealthy families. To pay for his studies, he became tutor to some of his classmates.

While this period marks the beginning of his formal education, it was his mother’s lessons, at a very young age, that provided the true foundations of his life.

With the aim of improving his education, at the age of 16 and with only $100 he went to live in the United States.
He has written and promoted transformations in the world of technology oriented to the digitalization of companies, using his knowledge of big data, mobility, manufacturing, and software development.

Currently, José is co-founder of Merlin, a relationship investment firm where he and his partners use their expertise as Mentor Capital to foster business growth and transform traditional verticals.

He has two children and a golden dog named Tahoe. When you need inspiration, head to California’s Redwood Forest and practice long walks.

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