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What We Do


"We create our opportunities and provide entrepreneurs critically needed skills, expertise, resources, and capital to scale their companies."

We source

We identify companies from our extended network and know what we’re searching for, without deployment pressure.

We create

We cultivate relationships over time with founders, engaging only when timing and circumstances are a good fit, and build brand around our way of doing business.

We engage

before investing

By developing a Plan of Record with management, the capital required and use of proceeds are known, aligning interests of management, board, and investors.

We shape

the deal

We look for opportunities that allow for better terms and valuations in non-competitive processes, with more control to build the optimal value-add syndicate.

We control
the syndicate

Starting with trust, we structure the term sheet, control the timing and leverage our exclusive investor relationships by only attracting investors who are aligned with the founders’ interests.

We lead

We lead the fundraising process on behalf of founders while representing our investors’ interests on the board.



«Merlin was formed to be a trusted source of capital and expertise for entrepreneurs,
while also providing select few private wealth investors
proprietary access to curated, off-market opportunities.» 


The companies - Merlin4ventures
The companies . . .
  • Boot-strapped to revenue
  • B2B Enterprise customers
  • Products / Services transforming incumbent industries
  • Large competitive markets
  • Coachable founders who seek insight, mentoring, capital, and operational expertise
  • Clean cap charts, first outside round
  • One financing to reach inflection point and/or exit
Our engagement
Our process consists of four phases pre-funding and four phases post-funding



  • Assessment: Perform initial business assessment, identify gaps, and create a five-year strategic roadmap checklist.
  • Growth strategy: Identify and prepare the value creation plan: who/what/ when/how; design a transparent process for managing your organization and talent to scale.
  • Financial plan: Determine business drivers, business logic, and KPIs, use them to create a financial model fully representing growth strategy and substantiating company valuation.
  • Funding and fundraising: Structure the term sheet, control the timing and leverage our exclusive investor relationships to only attract investors fully aligned with the founders’ interests.



  • Execution: Bring wisdom and street smarts to operationalize the strategy, perform regular financial reviews to drive strategic decision-making.
  • Sales and Business Development: Adopt a war plan to penetrate strategic accounts, make key intros.
  • Organization and culture: Manage talent development process, drive culture and value creation, manage corporate governance and board communications.
  • Fundraising: Manage investor relations.


Merlin4Ventures - Funding Ecosystem

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